Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest: Pin it on button iPad

How to pin it for free on iPad !

I know this may seem like a stupid post, but while going through the Appstore I've noticed that some greedy programmers were taking advantage of people for ignoring this trick and sold it through Apps that go from 1.99 to 0.99 $. It may not seem much but given the 11 million members combined with the over 200 million iOS users, you can make a quick million dollar with this scheme but I'll give it out to my blog fans for free ;)

I myself got into Pinterest last week and was struggling to find a way to use the pin it bookmarklet on my iPad and iPhone like on my desktop. As usual the first thing I thought was that : "Hum ... there must be an app for that ...".  And indeed an app did exist but the one for iPad wasn't a native app and you had to use that awful x2 button (There was really no point in creating such a hideous thing, not very Apple like...). I then started digging through the Appstore and found a few third party apps that between 0.99 and 1.99$ just to be able to pin stuff through Safari : And this is when I started looking for workarounds and a pretty simple one came to mind.

Actually the only thing you need to do is make sure your bookmarks in Safari are synched in iCloud and add the Pin it button to your bookmark bar (go to the Pinterest website, about section, pin it button, and drag and drop the pin it button to your desktop browser bookmark bar) and .... That's it !

The same bookmarklet will appear in all synched iOS devices and will work the same way as on your desktop or those 1.99$ apps.

I could've gone straight to the point since the beginning but there would be no fun in that !!!!

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PS: Forgot to mention that you do need to have a mac for this to work but nowadays who still owns a PC !?


  1. Good stuff ... However I own a PC and am still looking to get it onto the iPad w/out syncing. I'll add another comment when I figure it out.

    Brett Allen
    Tech Educator for Realtors

  2. I have an iMac and am unable to add the Pin It button to my bookmarks. I can "drag" almost anything else there - I have many bookmarks - but the "pin it" button will not drag. Is there a "work around" for doing this on a Mac?

  3. You can not currently drag and drop bookmarklets on an iOS device. However you could use iCloud (if you have a Mac) to assist with the transfer.

    Here is another method to install the Pinterest button on an iPad: