Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get 70% more dropbox storage in less than 5 minutes without referrals

Dropbox must be the web service I use the most right after Google. If you're not familiar with it, basically it gives you the possibility to access your files from anyone and sync them seamlessly cross-platform and across all your devices.

Today with my extensive use of Dropbox, I naturally start lacking space and the initial free 2GB storage just aren't enough. Unfortunately Dropbox doesn't offer smaller plans of 5 or 10 GB, the "cheapest" paid alternative you have is signing up for the pro upgrade of +50 GB for 99$/year, which is quite excessive for the average Joe . You would wonder why doesn't Dropbox offer smaller plans? This is another interest subject I will cover in my next post. I wrote this article to help people get those few extra megabytes they need to get through their everyday us of this amazing tool which is quite simple but I completely missed out on the first time I signed up or just forgot about since I always .

This is where my 5 minute technique to earn more space on Dropbox comes in  ... with these 5 simple steps, you can earn about 1.4 GB as soon at signup. :
  1. Go through the getting  started section : This is an easy one, only takes 10 seconds and BAM!!! +250 MB.
  2. Comment on why you love Dropbox + Post it on Twitter: This also doesn't take more than 30 seconds and gives you +250 MB again.
  3. Follow Dropbox on Twitter and get +125 MB in 10 seconds.
  4. Link Twitter and Facebook accounts : This step is just 30 seconds in total or less and gives you an extra +250 MB.
  5. Send a referral to your work email and open a Dropbox for the office : I know some may say this is a just a friend referral but not really. I use Dropbox both personally and at the office, I don't want to mix my personal files with the professional ones and therefore have opened a free account with my work email, that I use for business purposes and share the main folder with my personal account. This way I get the +500 MB and segregate my files in a secure way (avoiding some nosy IT guy see my personal files). This takes about 3 minutes.
It may seem obvious for most of you but you'll be surprised the number of people (myself to start with after nearly 2 years of use) who miss out on this as I see so many complaining on forums that the 2 GB just aren't enough and are stuck at this level. And friends often just ignore the referral emails or you really got to insist to have them go through the whole process or are simply already using Dropbox.... So this is another quick and nice alternative.

If you need more storage space there are cheaper solutions such as Google drive where you can get 20 GB for 5$/year (which is a bargain) but Google has some strange opinion terms and conditions that don't really respect privacy.

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  1. Thanks for the post and especially the tip for opening a work account

  2. Very insightful and interesting article. I would love to know more about this so
    posting more would be appreciated.

  3. google drive is new one